Thursday, January 28, 2010

raw chocolate & love

it's synonymous - raw chocolate & love. It's one thing that all raw chocolate makers have in common - which is different from the "chocolatiers" of nestle and cadbury, is that love is a big part of the process. Love IS an ingredient.

What makes our chocolate so filled with love anyway? Let’s start with the obvious. Our chocolate is free from sugar, dairy and artificial ingredients. We gently create our chocolate with low heat techniques - we never use temperatures above 42°C (114F). This means that all the nutritional goodness of the cacao powder, butter and all the other delicious ingredients we use is still in tact by the time it reaches your mouth. Living food! The ingredients we use are virtuously sourced - certified organic or wild crafted. They come from a good place! In addition to that we strive to work from a heart space – leaving our baggage at the door every time we’re creating another batch of chocolate. Intention is everything, and we give our best every time.

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